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Finishing Touches on Your Home Remodeling Project

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You’ve planned every detail of your remodel from top to bottom, and you’ve partnered with an excellent contractor to ensure those details offer a beautiful and long-lasting result. One facet of your remodel that should be on your radar is the finishing touch required for the project to truly reach “done” status. Perhaps you’re getting a bathroom remodel, and you need to choose linens a

Vinyl vs. Wood Windows: How to Choose the Right Replacement Window

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Hello my name is Tim O’Sullivan and I am the CEO of Your Windows Expert here in Billerica Massachusetts and today I’m going to be giving you buyer’s tips to replacement windows. My goal is to answer the most common questions we get from first time lookers and people are interested in two replacement windows. So behind me I’ve got the two different products, here I’ve got a Mezzo vinyl

Summer Siding Replacement Tips – Top Three Things to Know About Fiber Cement

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Summer might be the right time for siding replacement, and a homeowner might want to consider new fiber cement siding from a reputable siding contractor like O’Sullivan Installs. What does fiber cement siding have that makes it superior to other types of siding like vinyl, brick, stucco, stone or wood? There are at least three things to know about fiber cement. Fiber cement siding is made out of Portland cem