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It's obvious that new vinyl siding makes your house look great, but siding is about more than just aesthetics; it’s critical for protecting your home's structural integrity. Siding shields your house from weather conditions such as storms, high winds, hail and moisture. It insulates to save you money on energy costs. Cladding can be a deterrent for the growth of mold, mildew, dust mites and bacteria. These contaminants can cause allergies in susceptible people, especially children. Siding can even help protect underlying wood from termites and carpenter ants. If you plan on selling your home, insulated siding replacement can increase its market value and make it more visually appealing. Keeping your siding up to date improves more than just the condition of your house. It can potentially affect your health, security and finances.

When to Replace Siding

Original siding should be replaced when it shows obvious signs of wear or damage. Extreme weather, fire and natural disaster conditions can also produce significant damages, so a visual examination is in order after any major events. Cracks, fading, impact damage and signs of rot or leakage all indicate that your siding has seen its better days. Different types of siding have different life expectancies. If you don’t have its warranty details, a contractor can easily determine if your siding is in need of replacement. In addition to replacing old siding, you may need new siding for any new rooms or expansions.

Vinyl Siding

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O'Sullivan offers installation of Alside® Vinyl Siding in MA and NH areas. The popularity of the most common siding choice is due in part to its affordable pricing. Vinyl siding replacement costs less than any other available options, and it offers several benefits to the homeowner. Vinyl siding never needs to be repainted like wood siding. It doesn’t peel or rot and it’s not damaged by snow, salt water or heavy rain. Maintenance consists of yearly power-washing and occasional re-caulking at joints. There is a wide variety of color options available for vinyl siding replacement.

O'Sullivan also offers installation of James Hardie® Fiber Cement Siding. Fiber cement siding is made from a mix of sand, cellulose fiber, water and other ingredients to impart outstanding strength and stability. With fiber cement siding replacement, you gain a product that is impact-resistant and built to last for decades with very little maintenance. Fiber cement planks do not shift in the event of abrupt temperature changes, and they are impervious to wood-boring insects, rot, splitting and warping. Fiber cement also carries a Class 1(A) flame spread rating; this indicates a superior resistance to fire and heat damage. Many manufacturers of fiber cement planks offer generous warranties. Besides its many practical benefits, the product also accurately imitates the look of wood and other natural products for a highly appealing finish.

Engineered Wood Siding

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O'Sullivan Installs top siding product is LP Smartside® Engineered Wood Siding. LP SmartSide® Trim & Siding offers the warmth and beauty of traditional wood with the durability of LP engineered wood. It’s a complete line of high-performance trim and siding products to complement almost any building style. All LP SmartSide® products feature our innovative, four component SmartGuard® manufacturing process for strength and to resist fungal decay and termites.

Fiber Cement Siding

James Hardie Siding Installations

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Here's what one of our happy customers had to say about our work:

"We had a large project to do. We wanted to reside our whole house, including all the trim. They ran into various issues & always communicated with us exactly what was going on. Guess the thing that impressed me most was the job cost what they said it would cost, even though we ran into some wood rot issues, that could have cost us thousands more to repair. They ate that cost, providing an excellent solution. Can't say enough about the great job they did. We constantly get compliments from the neighbors on the great job they did. they kept the site as clean as possible, always tidying up before going home. I would recommend O'Sullivan Installs in a heartbeat. Tim is a super guy as are all his team members."

~ Jim H. of Acton, MA


Whichever material you choose, timely replacement of siding is a sound investment that safeguards the value of your home. Fortified by a recent insulated siding replacement, both your house and your home maintenance budget will be optimized for anything nature can dish out.


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