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O’Sullivan Installs stand behind each and every installation…100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

If you should experience any difficulties with any aspect of our job, please contact us at O'Sullivan Installs and we will take care of it as soon as possible. O’Sullivan Installation exclusively offers the best quality exterior doors with glass available and are installed by our expert technicians, and our president Tim O'Sullivan personally inspects each job once it is completed ensuring that the project at your home meets or exceeds his expectation!!! After all, it is his name and reputation at stake. When you choose O'Sullivan Installs, you can rest assure that quality products, workmanship and most importantly your satisfaction….is Always Our Number One Priority!


You Can Relax Knowing That You Have Hired the Best for Replacement Doors

When you select O'Sullivan Installs for aPatio Doors Installed on a home in Waltham MA replacement door installation, you can leave all worries behind. O'Sullivan Installs offers ProVia doors, which were selected by the Owner Tim Sullivan for their durability, quality, and the manufacturer warranties. We add this to the experience and knowledge of our excellent installation team, and you can be sure you will own the very best replacement doors that will last for many, many, years to come!! We will install, service and fully guarantee all of our replacement Doors and our workmanship. All products are fully guaranteed for just as long as you own your home!


O’Sullivan Installs offer the very Best Vinyl Windows in Massachusetts and New Hampshire - Mezzo Windows

Improving the energy efficiency of your home iswindows installed in Waltham MA by O'Sullivan Installs something that we have come to not only expect but it is what we look for when exploring the many options of window manufactures. While there is much talk about energy efficient appliances such as dryers, washers, and air conditioning units, the importance of efficient windows has been overlooked by many. We at O’Sullivan Installs offer the right energy efficient replacement windows at a fair price that will help to cut your heating and cooling bills with a guaranteed savings in just one year!!

The Mezzo Windows are some of the greatest energy efficient windows that are on the market today. They have the ability to pivot, swing, slide and even tilt for easier cleaning. They can be installed in either double slide or double hung configurations, whichever you may prefer. Mezzo Windows are just right with Thermal Reinforcements, and they offer a combination of effective insulation and strong reinforcement.


O'Sullivan Installs will be available for all of your Mezzo Windows installations.

Mezzo Windows Benefits

The Mezzo Windows brand are both versatile and ergonomic, as well as highly insulated. The range of movement they offer will make them easy to maintain and easy to crack a window for just the perfect amount of fresh air coming into your home. No matter how they are installed, the Mezzo Windows will give you strength, ease of cleaning and wonderfully energy efficient vinyl material.


Vinyl Siding Installations

Many homeowners today are looking for a costVinal Siding installed on a beautiful home in Waltham MA effective way to help upgrade their investment and protect their home. Vinyl siding is a great solution to fill these needs. At O'Sullivan Installs, we specialize in vinyl siding and are recognized as being an industry leader in the area, with our reputation being built on a strong guarantee, skilled craftsmanship, competitive pricing and premium grade warrantied materials.


We Take Care of It All!!!

Not only do we offer new installation, but we can take on your expert vinyl siding repairs at your home or business. Maybe you are needing just a touch-up, or there is some termite or dry rot damage that needs to be addressed. There could be isolated areas that are problematic on your building, where the rest of the siding is perfectly fine, in any case, our experts will be able to assess what can be done and match up the new siding for a completely uniform look when the job is completed.


Variety in both Colors and Styles

There is a broad range of choices, styles and colors today when looking at vinyl siding, including the classic cabin board, clapboard siding, shingle and shake, wood grain, or smoother surface options. They each have their own variations, with some having more than ten different style types that you can pick from. You will also see a vast range of color choices that are completely fade resistant, along with a range of design schemes for vinyl siding. With so much to look choose from, our design experts will be happy to help you make the perfect choice based on your personal likes and style of your home.


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