Siding Installation and Repair Service in Lowell, MA

Do you want to upgrade the exterior of your home?Siding installation on a home in Lowell MA Well, there are many options. But if you want to save the time it typically takes to maintain paint in good shape, sidings are the way to go. They offer many benefits compared to paint, such as durability, affordability, ease of installation, and variety.

The sidings of today look more natural than ever, and with the many different types of sidings to choose from, it’s quite easy to give your home the look you desire. A professional siding installation service in Lowell, MA can help with the installation of wood, steel, aluminum, fiber-cement, brick and stone, stucco, and vinyl siding.

Popular Siding Installations in Lowell, MA

Vinyl siding is quite a popular choice among many homeowners in Lowell, mainly due to its affordability and versatility. You can essentially choose a vinyl siding that matches other materials like cedar-shake shingles or wood clapboard. Quality vinyl siding should last up to 50 years, requiring only an annual cleaning to maintain their look.

However, vinyl siding needs to be inspected for damage annually, mainly because insects and moisture can accumulate under the panel and cause problems. When installing the vinyl siding, the old siding has to be removed, an insulation board installed, and then the vinyl siding put up.

The siding hangs looser on the sheathing, more so than you’d expect, because it’s designed to account for extreme temperature differences. The vinyl siding panels snugly fit against each other, leaving small gaps at every end.

Aluminum Siding

This is another very common siding amongVinyl siding services in Lowell MA homeowners, and it comes with a wide variety of color options to match the style and personality of any home. Aluminum sidings are also energy efficient, since they reflect heat away, and minimize your cooling and heating costs all year round.

Additionally, this siding essentially doesn’t rust, and it’s fireproof. With very little maintenance, aluminum siding can last anywhere between 30 to 50 years. It just needs to be regularly checked for cracks and dents and cleaned a few times a year. You can even choose to have it painted if you change your color preference.

Before aluminum siding is installed, the surface of the wall will be cleaned and smoothed. Installers typically put a 3/8 inch backing on the house’s exterior before the metal paneling is installed. Unlike the vinyl siding, the aluminum metal sheets overlap each other at about 2-inches, and usually require corner caps once the siding is installed.

Siding Repair in Lowell, MA

If your siding is damaged by the elements, you need to have it repaired as quickly and as professionally as possible to prevent further damage. Loose panels and small cracks allow moisture underneath the panels, which could rot the wood underneath.

Another common issue that can affect your siding is mildew and mold. This typically occurs during the humid summer months, especially in places that don’t get enough sunlight. In most cases a mixture of water and bleach can temporarily alleviate the problem, but it can return and cause serious damage to the wood underneath the panels. Having your siding inspected by a professional regularly will ensure that your home is well protected.

Siding Maintenance and Cleaning Service

Although most sidings don’t require muchSiding installers in Lowell maintenance overall, regular cleaning is needed. While this is something you can do by yourself using a good brush, a pressure washer, and siding cleaning products, you can periodically use professional siding washing service in Lowell, MA to get the job done right. This will let you enjoy your weekend doing something fun instead of the tedious work.

It’s recommended that you hire a professional siding installation, repair, and maintenance service in Lowell, MA to keep your siding in a pristine condition, and make sure that it can withstand the weather conditions in Lowell.