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Why does your Home need Insulated Vinyl Siding?

Are you searching for an affordable way ofSiding Contractors in Tewksbury MA Siding installations in Tewksbury improving the function and look of the exterior of your home? If so, you have come to the right place. Vinyl siding is the leading exterior cladding in Massachusetts, and when you consider that air leakage may account for 30% or more of the cooling and heating energy costs of a Massachusetts home, insulated vinyl siding offers a clear solution.
The purpose of insulated vinyl siding is to improve the curb appeal and stability of the siding, increase the wall system’s insulation value and reduce energy consumption. When it comes to external noise, insulated vinyl also acts as a noise barrier.


Durable Insulated Vinyl Siding

In contrast to conventional hollow siding, which may be damaged by things like flying baseballs, hail and rain, insulated vinyl siding provides impact resistance that is five times greater than hollowing siding offers. There are various colors that insulated vinyl is available in and requires no or little maintenance.
Compared to traditional siding, insulated vinyl siding provides better sound control properties and better weather performance. Insulated vinyl siding has a rigid foam backing that makes it possible for the material to lay down flat and provides a cleaner, straighter exterior. Vinyl Siding Installations in Tewksbury MA 01876


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New Window Replacement and Installation in Massachusetts

No other company in Essex and Middlesex County can provide you with better installation or a better quality window than O’Sullivan Installs. Quality is our main emphasis, and always will be.
Whenever you hire us to have your replacement windows installed, you can be confident you have hired the best company that will do the job right the first time and takes great pride in all of the work that we do.


These are just some of the Window installations we do:

  • Sliding Window Installation
  • Lite Sliding Installations
  • Casement Window Installations
  • Bow Window Installations
  • Double Hung Installations
  • Picture Window Installations
  • Bay Window Installations


Prevent Outdoor Weather from Entering your Window to the Inside

Replacement windows work as an effective barrier against outside weather. In addition, they provided an added level of protection against moisture to keep humidity and rain out. Windows also provide the home with protection from strong winds.
There are many companies that offer a number of different glass options to homeowners. The level of ultra-violet light is reduced by the Low-E glass. Two additional glass options are heat mirrors and gas fills. Insulation is increased by gas fills through filling the space that is in between glass panes with krypton and argon. With heat mirrors, a piece of heat film is added in between the two panes.
The film filters 99.4 percent of the UV rays out. A good option for areas with harsh weather conditions is composite window replacement. The exterior of these windows is made out of aluminum or weather-resistant vinyl. They are also water and air-tight.

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