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O’Sullivan Door replacement offers one of the most effective and cost-wise ways to improve both the safety and the appearance of a home. Every residence has a need for an entry door and many interior ones that are functional as well as beautiful. Some also have a door to a patio or lanai, and each one can contribute to the décor in an aesthetic manner.

A superb variety of quality doors in many attractive textures and designs are available on the market today to dramatically improve the appearance of a home’s interior decoration. Doors are so essential to a home that they may not seem to serve as decorative items, but they are important elements of the overall interior design. Doors that are carefully selected can create a coordinated and unifying look that accents the elegance of a home.


Door Types

  • Steel Exterior Doors: A steel entry door replacement is a good choice for home owners for several reasons. It is less expensive and stronger than some other materials, and it provides almost a 129 percent return on investment, according to some industry reports. The magnetic weatherproofing seals the door opening securely so that it helps to make the house more energy efficient.

  • Fiberglass Exterior Doors: An excellent choice that does not warp or rot is a fiberglass door replacement. It is almost maintenance free, and it competes on an aesthetic basis with wood. Recent advances in technology have allowed fiberglass to have the appearance of oak, cherry or other beautiful grains without the typical disadvantages of real wood.

  • Interior Doors: Interior door replacement is a perfect opportunity for a home owner to express personal style and taste preferences. Interior doors provide accents that unify the elements in a décor and bring them together to form a meaningful whole. A home can achieve a sense of elegance and tranquility with a theme that is replicated through the consistent use of a particular style and choice of interior doors.

  • Patio Doors: Access to an outdoor area such as a patio or lanai offers a location for a decorative touch that can influence the appearance of the entire living area. It is a location that is often a focal point leading off the great room, and the space is well-suited for a uniquely beautiful patio door replacement. Some home owners choose the location for a French door with glass panels that complement a formal-style home. Others prefer a sliding door that is convenient when there are children in the home who go in and out frequently.

  • Storm Doors: Home owners who live in geographic areas that have frequent and strong exposure to the elements may consider getting a storm door replacement for added security. Some have glass panels that can change out to other materials as the need arises. Usually more than one flexible strip is attached to the bottom of the door to prevent moisture from entering, and they are effective for keeping out dirt as well.

Door replacement is an option that home owners may choose as a way to improve the safety and the appearance of a home for a reasonable investment.


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