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Window replacements are usually not a priority for most people when they think about home improvement projects. New bathrooms and kitchens are typically what homeowners dream about. However, replacing outdated or damaged windows is a really valuable home upgrade for a number of important reasons.

The many benefits of replacing home windows make the upgrades well-worth it:

Energy Savings

Replacing windows can improve a home’s energy efficiency. The majority of all heat lost in homes happens through older windows. Newer windows are designed with energy-efficiency in mind. Improving a home’s energy efficiency means feeling less of a chill during the winter and less heat inside the home during the summer. A vinyl window replacement is an affordable replacement option. The money-saved by switching to these windows will over time exceed their cost.

Prevent Outdoor Weather From Coming Inside

Replacement windows act as good barrier to outside weather. They provide an extra level of moisture protection to keep rain and humidity out. The windows also reinforce home from strong winds. Many companies give homeowners a selection of glass options. Low-e glass reduces the amount of ultra-violet light. Gas fills and heat mirrors are two other glass options. Gas fills increase insulation by filling the space between the glass panes with argon and krypton. Heat mirrors involve adding a piece of heat film between the two panes. This film filters out 99.5 percent of UV rays. Composite window replacement is a good option for locations that experience harsh weather conditions. Their exterior is made from weather-resistant vinyl or aluminum. They are also air and water-tight.


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Older, broken windows can distract from the beauty of a home. Old windows can also lower a home’s sale value. Replacement windows give homes a nice, updated look. They are available in many colors and styles to create a look to suit any home. Wood window replacement is a popular and more expensive replacement choice. Wood replacement windows are desired for their aesthetic appeal and durability. The wood is easily stained or painted to match the look of any house.

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Noise Reduction

One of the immediate benefits that homeowners will notice is how their replacement windows will help to reduce outside noise. Window manufacturers understand that noise reduction is something a lot of customers seek and are creating replacement windows with that ability. When properly installed and sealed, replacement windows prevent sound from entering into the house. The glass of the new windows can also be laminated. The lamination process bonds a piece of plastic between two pieces of glass. Single-paned windows do not offer any type of noise barrier. Replacing those windows for double or triple-paned glass will reduce the amount of noise that enters into the home.

There are plenty of home improvement projects that will be readily noticed for their wow factor. Window replacement is not one of these. While installing replacement windows might not be the most noticeable improvement, it certainly has its benefits. In the end, replacement windows can help people save money and feel more comfortable in their homes.

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“The crew was totally professional. You could see they take a lot of pride in what they do. They worked in very adverse conditions somedays (bitter cold, snow) & always had a smile on their face. They found rot in some unexpected places & went above & beyond in communicating the issues to us, describing our options, & providing a solution we could afford. In fact they did not even charge us extra for the additional work needed to fix the wood rot. I can’t say enough about Tim & his crew.”

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