A well-cared-for home is an asset to any neighborhood, and part of the responsibility of home ownership is making sure your home looks good on the inside, as well as the outside. Improving your curb appeal not only creates a pleasant home in which to live, but it also ensures your home stays in good condition and retains its value.

The concept of “curb appeal” and how your home appears from the vantage point of the street means paying attention to a variety of features like landscaping and the condition of your home’s exterior. Your exterior projects may run the gamut from small upgrades and little landscaping projects to major renovations like a new roof, new windows, or new siding.

If you’ve decided to put your house on the market, you’ll definitely want to consider these various home improvement projects.

Major Home Improvement Projects for Maximum Curb Appeal

The exterior features of your home benefit from regular maintenance and upkeep, and it’s essential to seek out yearly inspections, as well as cleaning and renovation of features like your home’s windows, roof, and siding. Taking on a project like replacing your windows or roof is not only valuable for the physical improvement to your home, but it’s also a benefit to the curb appeal of your home and property.

A home that looks beautiful is an asset to any neighborhood, but a home that functions well, too, provides a safe and pleasant experience to the homeowner and his or her family.

Don’t Forget to Wash the Windows!

This Old House shares:

“One of the simplest but most satisfying fixups you can do is to make your windows sparkle and shine, letting in clear summer light.”

Your windows may also benefit from a deep cleaning in other seasons, too. Clean windows in the winter make your house shine during the dingy months of the year, and they also ensure adequate light enters your home when it’s the middle of winter, and there aren’t many hours of daylight.

Other major home improvement projects you may undertake to increase curb appeal may include updating the roof, replacing the siding, and transforming the landscaping (which means going beyond some simple potted plants and tree trimming).

According to House Logic:

“Perhaps no other building material plays such as key role in your home as siding. It protects your house against the harshest elements and is a factor in your home’s appearance, architectural character, and value.”

Increase Your Curb Appeal in a Weekend

You may plan major upgrades like brand new windows and doors, and you may also look at big projects like exterior paint and full landscaping. You may want to think about some small upgrades that you can accomplish on the weekend for just a few dollars.

Here are a few inexpensive, simple and quick upgrades that will add to your home’s overall curb appeal, as well as give you a small sense of accomplishment.

Upgrade Your Mailbox. Your mailbox does its job in rain or shine, and it may last as long as your home stands. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to neglect the mailbox when upgrading the exterior of the home, and an old mailbox may not match the new décor of the home’s paint, windows, and fixtures.

DIY Network shares some great advice on getting a new mailbox:

“When you install your mailbox, make sure that you are following the regulations that are set forth in the city that you live in. If you have a simple mailbox mounted on your house, this home improvement project should take less than an hour to complete. If you have a full-size mailbox at the road, plan for at least 2 hours or so to complete the home improvement project.”

Install New Fixtures & Hardware. If you’ve decided to get a new door, you’ll definitely want to think about replacing the hardware around the exterior of your home, as well as things like the light fixtures. Hardware you may need to buy may include a mail slot, a door knocker, door knobs, and a high-quality lock.

Other features that are a little larger but which add to the overall appeal of your home include light fixtures (wall sconces or hanging lights) and stylish hand railings to line the exterior steps. Don’t forget to get matching fixtures and hardware for the side and back doors around your home.

Get a Container Garden & Window Boxes. Complement the new windows on your home with some nice window boxes. Even when it’s wintertime and there aren’t any flowers in the window boxes, these nice accessories will make your house look “homey” and welcoming.

You may also want to get a few seasonal plants for the porch or for placement near the front door. Bright plants like marigolds and petunias are great for the summer, and holiday plants like chrysanthemums and Poinsettias add festive touches during the fall and winter.

Do You Want to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home?

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