Summer might be the right time for siding replacement, and a homeowner might want to consider new fiber cement siding from a reputable siding contractor like O’Sullivan Installs.

What does fiber cement siding have that makes it superior to other types of siding like vinyl, brick, stucco, stone or wood? There are at least three things to know about fiber cement.

Fiber cement siding is made out of Portland cement, fly ash or sand, wood pulp and water. Portland cement is made out of iron, clay and limestone and is used as a binder for the other ingredients. This makes fiber cement:

  1. Attractive: This kind of siding can be made to look like wood, brick or stone. Yet, it’s far less expensive than these other materials. However, homeowners claim it’s considerably more expensive than vinyl but has the advantage of being much more aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Rot, Fire and Weather Resistant: Clapboard that’s deteriorated due to rot is one of the main reasons for siding replacement. Fiber cement is not attacked by termites and is resistant to rot. Once it’s installed and then painted, it doesn’t need a great deal of maintenance. Now and then, the siding may need to be hosed down. The homeowner should also make sure that the joints have been caulked correctly and that foundation plants aren’t so close to the siding that it prevents it from drying out when it’s washed. Homeowners also say that fiber cement holds paint better than other materials. It’s also not adversely effected by heat, freezes or precipitation. It’s also non-combustible, which makes it very fire resistant. Indeed, it’s very popular in the Australian outback, which is subject to intense brush fires.
  3. Durable: Fiber cement’s resistance to insects, fire and extreme weather damage makes it especially durable. Manufacturers usually warranty fiber cement siding for at least 25 years, which makes it comparable to other siding like asphalt or an asphalt and asbestos mix. Indeed, some contractors claim that siding made of fiber cement can last a century or longer.

Fiber cement is quite heavy, a bit brittle and needs special tools like cement shears to install. Therefore, it’s best to let a professional install it.

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