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Your Guide to Engineered Wood Siding

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engineered wood sidingExamining the different options you have for siding is an important part of the home remodeling process, and engineered wood siding is an excellent option for your home.

Today’s homeowners have an incredible number of choices from fiber cement to vinyl to engineered wood siding, and the choice isn’t an easy one. Each siding option offers excellent benefits like durability and longevity.

The home remodeling pros at Bob Vila’s official website share:

“Engineered wood siding is easier and less costly to install than real wood siding. It is lighter in weight than wood and features advances that make installation easier, like LP’s SmartLock self-aligning edge design. Engineered wood siding can be purchased pre-primed, ready to paint, or pre-finished in any number of finish options, which reduces the field and labor time once installed.”

Investigating each option can help you make a decision on your future siding project. Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you consider engineered wood siding.

The Basics of Engineered Wood Siding

Engineered wood siding comes in a variety of textures, and it can mimic the look of natural wood. It offers a lot of the same benefits as fiber cement siding, but it’s not exactly the same. Here are some answers to a few basic questions about engineered wood siding.

1. How long does engineered wood siding last?
It can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. Most siding manufacturers offer excellent warranties, and your siding should look beautiful for decades with minimal care.

2. Do I need to paint my engineered wood siding?
Painting every 5 or 10 years is advisable. Keeping the exterior of your home clean can increase the longevity of the paint on the siding.

3. Can I install engineered wood siding on my own?
It’s a job for a professional, but installation is fast, so your installation costs will remain affordable.

Reasons to Choose Engineered Wood Siding?

Engineered wood siding offers a variety of benefits that may convince you to use this hardy siding option during your home remodel. Here are a few advantages of using engineered wood siding:

Wood Siding is Durable.

When you upgrade your home, you want it to last, and engineered wood siding lasts for years without aging. Siding is even rated to withstand harsh weather events.

Wood Siding is Environmentally Friendly.

The process used to manufacture isn’t hard on the environment, and the end-result uses fewer of the planet’s resources than other types of siding.

Wood Siding is Affordable.

You want the best for your home, and it’s important to choose a type of siding that offers long-lasting performance, and that’s also affordable. Engineered wood siding fits those criteria.

Wood Siding is Resistant to Mildew and Damage.

The outer layer of engineered wood siding is designed to reduce the growth of contaminants like mold and mildew, and it can even help limit insect invasions.

Wood Siding Doesn’t Require Much Maintenance.

With the appearance of real wood and none of the time-consuming upkeep, engineered wood siding is an excellent option when you want a maintenance-free exterior.

LP Smartside® Engineered Wood Siding

O’Sullivan Installs offers engineered wood siding by LP Smartside® because of its durability, visual appeal, and ease of installation.

The official LP SmartSide® website shares:

“LP SmartSide® Trim & Siding offers the warmth and beauty of traditional wood with the durability of LP engineered wood. It’s a complete line of high-performance trim and siding products to complement almost any building style. All LP SmartSide products feature our innovative, four component SmartGuard® manufacturing process for strength and to resist fungal decay and termites.”

Get Professionally Installed Engineered Wood Siding

Is your home due for an exterior upgrade? Want to learn more about LP Smartside® engineered wood siding? Contact O’Sullivan Installs for a FREE Consultation and download our free guide: Seven Questions to Ask When Hiring an Exterior Remodeling Contractor in Massachusetts for valuable guidance on your home improvement project.

“We stand behind what we install and want you to be a client for life. In fact, we are so confident in our services and the products we use in your home that we offer an unprecedented 10-Year Workmanship Guarantee. Most Remodelers would never offer a guarantee of this length. Why? Because they just aren’t confident in their services to guarantee this in writing beyond 1-Year. NOT O’Sullivan Installs! We believe you deserve the best service for your investment, so we hold our workmanship to a higher standard.

Summer Siding Replacement Tips – Top Three Things to Know About Fiber Cement

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James Hardie Siding

Summer might be the right time for siding replacement, and a homeowner might want to consider new fiber cement siding from a reputable siding contractor like O’Sullivan Installs.

What does fiber cement siding have that makes it superior to other types of siding like vinyl, brick, stucco, stone or wood? There are at least three things to know about fiber cement.

Fiber cement siding is made out of Portland cement, fly ash or sand, wood pulp and water. Portland cement is made out of iron, clay and limestone and is used as a binder for the other ingredients. This makes fiber cement:

  1. Attractive: This kind of siding can be made to look like wood, brick or stone. Yet, it’s far less expensive than these other materials. However, homeowners claim it’s considerably more expensive than vinyl but has the advantage of being much more aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Rot, Fire and Weather Resistant: Clapboard that’s deteriorated due to rot is one of the main reasons for siding replacement. Fiber cement is not attacked by termites and is resistant to rot. Once it’s installed and then painted, it doesn’t need a great deal of maintenance. Now and then, the siding may need to be hosed down. The homeowner should also make sure that the joints have been caulked correctly and that foundation plants aren’t so close to the siding that it prevents it from drying out when it’s washed. Homeowners also say that fiber cement holds paint better than other materials. It’s also not adversely effected by heat, freezes or precipitation. It’s also non-combustible, which makes it very fire resistant. Indeed, it’s very popular in the Australian outback, which is subject to intense brush fires.
  3. Durable: Fiber cement’s resistance to insects, fire and extreme weather damage makes it especially durable. Manufacturers usually warranty fiber cement siding for at least 25 years, which makes it comparable to other siding like asphalt or an asphalt and asbestos mix. Indeed, some contractors claim that siding made of fiber cement can last a century or longer.

Fiber cement is quite heavy, a bit brittle and needs special tools like cement shears to install. Therefore, it’s best to let a professional install it.

Work With the Professionals at O’Sullivan Installs

Is your home due for an exterior upgrade? Want to learn more about your siding project, new windows, or other home renovation? Contact O’Sullivan Installs for a FREE Consultation and download our free guide: “Seven Questions to Ask When Hiring an Exterior Remodeling Contractor in Massachusetts” for valuable guidance on your home improvement project.

Win a $25 Gift Certificate to Olive Garden Restaurant

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2013 was a great year for us. Thank you to everyone involved!

We were awarded the “Super Service Award”, on Angie’s List, for the 6th year in row.

We made modeling magazines top 500 list.

Looking forward to a great 2014.

O’Sullivan Installations wants to reward you!  Simply like and share us on your Facebook account and once we hit 500 followers, we will raffle off a $25 Gift Certificate to Olive Garden.

Good Luck from your friends at O’Sullivan Installs, where Quality and Communication make the difference!


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Windows Replacement Boston – Tips to Choose Window Replacement Company:

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If you are looking for windows replacement Company in Boston, you need to consider several factors before factors before hiring the ideal company. The factors are discussed below:

  • High quality construction materials:

The window replacement company you hire should be known for using only high quality construction materials so that the window is sturdy and last longer. The laborers should carry all the essential equipments needed for replacing the window and they

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