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Five Home Improvement Projects You Can Do This Summer

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Are you ready to save money on your home energy bills? Do you want to learn how to improve your home’s curb appeal? You have come to the right place. This article will teach you the top five home improvement projects that every homeowner should do this summer.

With summertime fast approaching, it is time to enjoy the great outdoors. This also means that more friends and family members will be visiting. Because of this, you want a home that is inviting and comfortable as it will be the meeting place for planning picnics or hosting a company barbecue. As the temperatures begin to climb, you will begin to rely more and more on your air conditioner. If your home is not properly sealed, summertime heat can leach its way into your home, causing your air conditioner to work twice as hard to keep you cool. There are many things you can do to help keep your home comfortable and still save money. These home improvement projects are simple. Once they are completed, you will begin reaping the benefits of a beautiful home that is nice and cool.


Replacement Windows

One of the main causes of energy loss is faultyNew Replacement Windows - Billerica MA windows. Approximately one-third of a home’s energy escapes through its windows. Although you can insulate your windows, it may be best to replace your old windows. Replacement windows are a worthwhile investment. These windows come in a variety of styles and designs to help you create the look you want. If you notice an excess amount of mildew or moisture in your home or opening and closing your windows are difficult, it may be time to have your windows replaced.

Once you have had new, replacement windows installed, you will notice a difference in your utility bills and the comfort of your home. Your air conditioner will not need to run as hard to keep your home cool. Double or triple pane windows not only block out heat and keep your air conditioning inside, but they can also reduce the amount of noise coming from the outside. A reputable window company like Stanek Windows will come to your home and determine how much energy you are losing through your old windows.


Adding a Sunroom or a Deck

When you are entertaining in the summer, youDeck or Screen Room Installation - Billerica want to have a deck for you and your guests to enjoy. But, did you know that it can also save you money on your utility bills? By enclosing your deck using screen or glass, you can maximize your energy savings. With a screened in room, you will be able to enjoy those warm summer nights without fighting with insects. Imagine sitting out on your enclosed deck, enjoying a summer breeze while playing cards without getting bitten or bugs flying into your drink. Sound amazing? Then look into enclosing your deck. Additionally, a screened in room or a sunroom can extend the amount of time you are able to spend outdoors. Let Patio Enclosures show you how you can enjoy three seasons with a screened in porch or all seasons with a sunroom.


Is It Time for a New Front Door or a Storm Door?

When you are considering whether you shouldFront Door Installations replace your entry door or your storm door, you must decide how happy you are with your current front door. Your front door is essential to your home’s safety. Additionally, it helps protect against the elements and is one of the first things that your visitors see. A front door should be made of weather resistant material like metal. The front door should seal properly to keep your air conditioning inside and the heat outside.

If you have a reliable, high-quality front door, protect it using a storm door. Many people are hesitant when it comes to installing a storm door because they believe all storm doors are rattly aluminum coverings that are unattractive. Most homeowners are surprised to learn that manufacturers now offer a number of modern designs that increase the aesthetics of the home. Say goodbye to an aluminum door and say hello to sleep designs that improve your home’s curb appeal.


Insulated Vinyl Siding

Siding can be difficult to install because it canVinyl Siding Renovations bend and bow as you are installing it. However, insulated siding is one of the best ways to save on summertime cooling bills. Most homeowners think that adding insulation to the walls of their home is all that needs to be done; however, your air conditioning can seep out if every crack is not sealed. Insulated siding provides an additional layer of protection to help keep your home sealed and energy efficient. Additionally, insulated siding comes in a variety of textures and colors, allowing you to do a beautiful home makeover while helping to keep your home comfortable.


Planned Landscaping

Many people do not realize that landscaping a lawn can also help to save energy. A well-designed lawn will draw visitors into your backyard. Couple this with some great shade trees to help keep your home cool. The shade from trees and bushes will help to lower the temperature of your home as well as increase the aesthetics of your home. A beautifully landscaped lawn will include a delicious vegetable garden and fruit trees, beautiful flowerbed and large trees to welcome your guests and provide a cool sanctuary to enjoy the outdoors.

Although landscaping is a lot of work, the rewards make it worthwhile. For best results, plan out your landscape before you dig in. Think carefully about how much work it will take to maintain your landscape during the planning stage. If you have a limited amount of time to dedicate to your gardening, opt for low maintenance plants. This will allow you to reap the benefits of a beautifully landscaped area without the work typically involved with a landscaped lawn.

As you can see, there are several things you can do this summer to help decrease your utility bills and increase the comfort of your home. Start planning out your summertime projects to increase your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. These projects will decrease the amount of outside noise and lower your cooling bills. Replacement windows help to keep the sun’s harsh rays and heat out of your home. Adding a screened in porch will allow you to enjoy the gentle breezes of summer. A storm door adds an extra layer of insulation and enhances the security and beauty of your home. Finally, installing new insulated siding and planting shade trees in your lawn will keep your home cool throughout the summer.


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The Benefit of Replacing the Front Door

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replacing the front doorThe front door of your home might not seem like a major feature of the house, but upgrading can have a significant impact because it’s not just the appearance that changes when the front door is changed. There are a variety of reasons replacing the front door may bring value to a home.

Here are a few of the benefits you may experience after replacing a front door on your home. You may decide that upgrading your front door – and the other exterior doors of your home – will be the next home remodeling project you plan.

Replacing the Front Door May Save Energy

Your front door might be no bigger than around four feet wide by seven feet tall, but it can allow a fair amount of air to pass through it in the summer and winter. A drafty door can let the cool, air conditioned air escape your home in the summer and allow the frigid air of the winter infiltrate your home.

Each of these circumstances can lead to higher electricity and heating oil costs because your air conditioner and heater must work harder to stabilize the temperature in your home. If your door isn’t old enough to replace, or you like the door that currently hangs on the front of your home, you may be able to have the seal of the door replaced.

An article from Deseret News explains why your front door (and the windows) can increase your energy costs:

“Doors and windows are basically large holes cut in the thermal envelope of your house. Even under the best of conditions, the R-value (the measure of the thermal resistance of a material or assembly) of doors and windows is significantly less than that of the wall in which they sit. Without the proper unit or correct installation, air and heat may be leaking out, driving up your energy bill.”

When replacing the front door on your home, you may choose from many different materials like wood, steel, and fiberglass, as well as various compositions of glass, such as insulated glass. More glass on the door usually means an increase in the value of an insulated door.

Boost Your Home’s Security by Replacing the Front Door

If you have old exterior doors, there’s a good chance they’re made of wood. While wood is a sturdy and beautiful material that can be maintained for many decades, you also have the choice of steel or fiberglass. Additionally, some doors are manufactured with more than one materials, so you may see a door made of fiberglass that features a wooden frame.

According to This Old House, your front door material can have a pretty big impact on your home:

“Perhaps the most important decision is what your door is made of. Most combine several materials; for example, many fiberglass and steel doors have wood frames. But it’s the surface material that most affects appearance, durability, security, and price.”

A boost to your home’s security is one of the best benefits of having a steel door installed, but you don’t have to worry that a steel door – or a fiberglass door for that matter – will look artificial when installed. Today’s manufacturers have created safe, modern doors that provide exceptional security while also looking like a classic wooden door.

You don’t have to give up the look of wood to enjoy the security of a brand new door.

A New Door Isn’t Air-Tight, But It Can Come Close

A new door is an excellent and cost-effective method for increasing the energy efficiency of your home; however, a new door might be just one part of an overall remodeling plan designed to make your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

The government’s Department of Energy offers a simple explanation regarding your new door’s air-tight design.

“It’s impossible to stop all the air leakage around the weatherstripping on a sliding glass door and still be able to use the door. Also, after years of use the weatherstripping wears down, so air leakage increases as the door ages. If the manufacturer has made it possible to do so, you can replace worn weatherstripping on sliding glass doors.”

In addition to examining the weatherstripping and replacing the front door on your home, you may also want to take a look at the windows around your home, as well as the other exterior doors of your home. Don’t forget to take a look at the door that leads from your garage into the house. You might find that door is a drafty beast that needs replacement!

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Is your home due for an exterior upgrade? Want to learn more about new door options and replacing the front door of your home? Contact O’Sullivan Installs for a FREE Consultation and download our free guide: “Seven Questions to Ask When Hiring an Exterior Remodeling Contractor in Massachusetts” for valuable guidance on your home improvement project.

Find a Fantastic Front Door

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front doorYour front door is a part of your house that’s meant to protect your family as well as create a beautiful introduction to your home. Replacing your front door, as well as other exterior doors around your home, isn’t something you should do without understanding your options and the decisions that will make your house look fantastic.

Here’s what you need to know to make sure your new door is a beautiful feature for your home that creates a friendly and welcoming first impression for your guests.

Ask These Questions About Your Old Door

Sometimes it’s easy to decide that you need a new door. Maybe it’s warped and isn’t hanging in the frame as it should. Perhaps it’s brittle from time spent in the sun. Or, maybe your front door is moderately aged, but it doesn’t look too terrible yet.

Here are some questions you’ll want to ask yourself as you decide on a new door.

Is it possible to refinish or repair an old door?

Re-staining, repainting, and refinishing your old door are options to consider, but it’s only under specific circumstances that you should consider this course of action. Some old doors are beautiful antiques, and keeping them beautiful is an asset to the value and appearance to your home.

If you don’t want to get rid of your beautiful antique door, but you’re interested in a new door for the front of your home, you can move the antique door to another entrance or use it as a piece of art inside your home.

However, many old doors aren’t beautiful antiques, and they’re not particularly valuable. Old doors can even be dangerous because the warping, cracking, and aging has made them less able to withstand a break-in.

Is a Ready-Made Door Available for the Frame?

The easiest way to install a new door is to buy one that doesn’t require significant work to the entryway. You might be able to have a new door installed that’s the same size as the door you’re replacing. If any warping or aging of the wood of the frame has occurred, you’ll need to replace the frame, as well as the door.

According to This Old House:

“Sometimes replacing a door means simply exchanging one door, called a slab or blank, for another. But in some cases you’ll have to rip out and replace the old door framing, which includes the door jambs and threshold — especially if these wood members have begun to rot.”

Making the door frame larger or reducing its size are other options if you’re interested in a door that’s very different from the one you have now. Maybe you’d like to welcome people into your home with double doors, or maybe you’re looking at a large steel door as part of an exterior renovation to a sleek, modern façade.

What Door Material Should I Use?

If you haven’t replaced your door in many years, there’s a good chance you have a traditional wooden door on your home. Wooden doors remain popular, but today’s homeowners have many additional options which include:

  • Fiberglass door: Mimics the look of real wood and is tough against intruders.
  • Steel door: An affordable front door that’s also one of the best for security.
  • Wood: Classic and high-end, perfect for the handcrafted look.

According to Consumer Reports, each door material has strengths and weaknesses. For example, steel is the affordable version, but it may wear out faster than a wood door.

Why Should I Replace My Front Door?

If your front door is weak and aged, getting a new door is an easy decision to make. However, if you’re on the fence about replacing your door, you should know that experts estimate front door replacement actually yields a larger return-on-investment (ROI) than almost any other renovation.

Statistics shared by House Logic say:

“Replacing your front door can pay for itself by increasing your home’s value. “Remodeling” magazine’s “Cost vs. Value Report” estimates the total project cost of installing a 20-gauge steel door at $1,230. The project, on average, returns 101.8% of its cost, the highest return value in the report.”

Also, replacing your front door may even reduce your energy bills by making sure cold air doesn’t escape in the summer, and warm air doesn’t escape in the winter.

Want Advice On Your New Door?

Are you looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of your Middlesex County home? Contact O’Sullivan Installs for a FREE Consultation and download our free guide: “Seven Questions to Ask When Hiring an Exterior Remodeling Contractor in Massachusetts” for valuable guidance on your home improvement project.