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Five Home Improvement Projects You Can Do This Summer

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Are you ready to save money on your home energy bills? Do you want to learn how to improve your home’s curb appeal? You have come to the right place. This article will teach you the top five home improvement projects that every homeowner should do this summer.

With summertime fast approaching, it is time to enjoy the great outdoors. This also means that more friends and family members will be visiting. Because of this, you want a home that is inviting and comfortable as it will be the meeting place for planning picnics or hosting a company barbecue. As the temperatures begin to climb, you will begin to rely more and more on your air conditioner. If your home is not properly sealed, summertime heat can leach its way into your home, causing your air conditioner to work twice as hard to keep you cool. There are many things you can do to help keep your home comfortable and still save money. These home improvement projects are simple. Once they are completed, you will begin reaping the benefits of a beautiful home that is nice and cool.


Replacement Windows

One of the main causes of energy loss is faultyNew Replacement Windows - Billerica MA windows. Approximately one-third of a home’s energy escapes through its windows. Although you can insulate your windows, it may be best to replace your old windows. Replacement windows are a worthwhile investment. These windows come in a variety of styles and designs to help you create the look you want. If you notice an excess amount of mildew or moisture in your home or opening and closing your windows are difficult, it may be time to have your windows replaced.

Once you have had new, replacement windows installed, you will notice a difference in your utility bills and the comfort of your home. Your air conditioner will not need to run as hard to keep your home cool. Double or triple pane windows not only block out heat and keep your air conditioning inside, but they can also reduce the amount of noise coming from the outside. A reputable window company like Stanek Windows will come to your home and determine how much energy you are losing through your old windows.


Adding a Sunroom or a Deck

When you are entertaining in the summer, youDeck or Screen Room Installation - Billerica want to have a deck for you and your guests to enjoy. But, did you know that it can also save you money on your utility bills? By enclosing your deck using screen or glass, you can maximize your energy savings. With a screened in room, you will be able to enjoy those warm summer nights without fighting with insects. Imagine sitting out on your enclosed deck, enjoying a summer breeze while playing cards without getting bitten or bugs flying into your drink. Sound amazing? Then look into enclosing your deck. Additionally, a screened in room or a sunroom can extend the amount of time you are able to spend outdoors. Let Patio Enclosures show you how you can enjoy three seasons with a screened in porch or all seasons with a sunroom.


Is It Time for a New Front Door or a Storm Door?

When you are considering whether you shouldFront Door Installations replace your entry door or your storm door, you must decide how happy you are with your current front door. Your front door is essential to your home’s safety. Additionally, it helps protect against the elements and is one of the first things that your visitors see. A front door should be made of weather resistant material like metal. The front door should seal properly to keep your air conditioning inside and the heat outside.

If you have a reliable, high-quality front door, protect it using a storm door. Many people are hesitant when it comes to installing a storm door because they believe all storm doors are rattly aluminum coverings that are unattractive. Most homeowners are surprised to learn that manufacturers now offer a number of modern designs that increase the aesthetics of the home. Say goodbye to an aluminum door and say hello to sleep designs that improve your home’s curb appeal.


Insulated Vinyl Siding

Siding can be difficult to install because it canVinyl Siding Renovations bend and bow as you are installing it. However, insulated siding is one of the best ways to save on summertime cooling bills. Most homeowners think that adding insulation to the walls of their home is all that needs to be done; however, your air conditioning can seep out if every crack is not sealed. Insulated siding provides an additional layer of protection to help keep your home sealed and energy efficient. Additionally, insulated siding comes in a variety of textures and colors, allowing you to do a beautiful home makeover while helping to keep your home comfortable.


Planned Landscaping

Many people do not realize that landscaping a lawn can also help to save energy. A well-designed lawn will draw visitors into your backyard. Couple this with some great shade trees to help keep your home cool. The shade from trees and bushes will help to lower the temperature of your home as well as increase the aesthetics of your home. A beautifully landscaped lawn will include a delicious vegetable garden and fruit trees, beautiful flowerbed and large trees to welcome your guests and provide a cool sanctuary to enjoy the outdoors.

Although landscaping is a lot of work, the rewards make it worthwhile. For best results, plan out your landscape before you dig in. Think carefully about how much work it will take to maintain your landscape during the planning stage. If you have a limited amount of time to dedicate to your gardening, opt for low maintenance plants. This will allow you to reap the benefits of a beautifully landscaped area without the work typically involved with a landscaped lawn.

As you can see, there are several things you can do this summer to help decrease your utility bills and increase the comfort of your home. Start planning out your summertime projects to increase your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. These projects will decrease the amount of outside noise and lower your cooling bills. Replacement windows help to keep the sun’s harsh rays and heat out of your home. Adding a screened in porch will allow you to enjoy the gentle breezes of summer. A storm door adds an extra layer of insulation and enhances the security and beauty of your home. Finally, installing new insulated siding and planting shade trees in your lawn will keep your home cool throughout the summer.


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Vinyl vs. Wood Windows: How to Choose the Right Replacement Window

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Hello my name is Tim O’Sullivan and I am the CEO of Your Windows Expert here in Billerica Massachusetts and today I’m going to be giving you buyer’s tips to replacement windows. My goal is to answer the most common questions we get from first time lookers and people are interested in two replacement windows. So behind me I’ve got the two different products, here I’ve got a Mezzo vinyl and a Mezzo wood clad option and let me first go over some of the counter features between these two so you can get familiar with them.

Both of these products are going to offer the same features and options so you know you can eliminate that now and pretty much put your choice back on you. Knowing which one of these two is going to be best for my house so we’re both going to have either double-hung or single hung. Casement hopper awning styles are going to come in all those options and you know what double-hung is we’re both sashes move independently can tilt out for cleaning single ongoing the bottom moves casement is a crank out, opens out, you’d see these over sinks a lot.

Hopper opens, awning opens and all those options are available plus Wood Windowsthey’re going to come with different grill selections, different hardware selections and of course a variety of colors. So you know you can rest assured you’re going to find the right match for your house and what you’re looking for. And now both of these are going to be counting different energy factors as well. You want to find a window its energy star rated because if it’s not really a cut rate window and it’s way below code for today’s standard.

Having said that neither one of these is going to be more efficient than the other. So people always asking me which one’s better, which one’s going to save more money. Unless you’re going to upgrade to like a triple pane thermal insulated window which were really jumped the cost you know these both are going to come in an energy star grade, it’s going to be a minim qualification to meet that. Its installation insulated factor is based on our value or in this case a u factors that’s a little too technical, but they’re going to be on the same plane of energy efficiency. They’re going to provide that same amount of insulation and they’re both built that minimum standard, so you’re good there.

Durability and obviously the vinyl product was engineered to withstand a lot of weather, and you know now the wood product is a wood clad product, which is this aluminum wrap that goes over the wood and it protected from the exteriors. So durability is there as well a lot of times people ask you know are my windows standard size. I don’t want to buy a custom window size. So keep in mind and all windows are custom-built from the factory, and they’re all made to order so you know that there’s no such thing as a standard size, even the windows that you buy or see in the big box stores. Yeah those are over runs or runs they think are common.

All windows have to be custom ordered, so there’s really not a big price break. Now there is a chance for you might have a price increase on a very large window, so you know that’s just materials. The installation process for both of these is very similar. Some contractors have a little bit of an up charge for your wood window and just to make sure that all the trim work is installed properly, and a lot of carpenters including us we really recommend upgrading to a window rap on the exterior house. Especially if you’ve got an older house that has a rotten wood a rotten still. This aluminum maintenance free rap protects the window, hides the damage and it’s maintenance-free, a great add-on to consider in the future.

Let’s go ahead and jump to the price point of theseVinyl Window which is the next question everybody asks. Typically your wood-clad to get it installed is going to be double the price of your vinyl. That’s obviously one of the big factors, if this is $300 then your wood clad is going to be $600. Majority of that’s in your material costs, let’s take this a step further and ask, what should help in your decision. 2 things

Brand and what I’m going to outline are principles for choosing the right window for your house, your unique home. So brand, if you’re going leaning toward wood you want to choose one of the top four manufacturers in our area, and that’s Anderson, Pella, Marvin and Mezzo, they’ve been around for a long time. They produce quality wood products and if you pick an off-brand wood product, you’re probably not going to get what you’re looking for in a window. It’s really not going to help in the long run.

Now vinyl there’s lots of other manufacturers out there and almost every manufacturer makes a vinyl window. It’s a very competitive industry. You’re going to get a very similar product between all the manufacturers. So you’re choosing one over the other really the material or the product is going to be better. Sometimes you need to choose on brand, you need to find a brand that’s been around for a long time that can live up to their warranty. We chose to become a Mezzo certified contractor because we liked their warranty scenarios. We liked how they help customers after the service, we also know that they’re debt-free so they’re going to be around for a long time, servicing your 25 year or lifetime warranty on your product and they’re going to with no trouble. So that can help make your decision on your windows.

Let me tell you why the principles behind choosing windows for your unique home and it basically comes down to comparables in your neighborhood, Now comparable is a term an appraiser uses and what you want to do is purchase a window that’s going to be very comparable to your neighborhood. If all of your neighborhood has wood-clad windows you should heavily consider the wood clad window. If you’re the only one has a vinyl window an appraiser is going to look at that as a demerit to your price point. And likewise the other way around, if everybody has vinyl’s and you decide to upgrade to the wood clad, it may help your house sell, be more attractive to the buyer, enticing to put an offer in. But when the appraiser goes to put a value to it he won’t give you that increased value that you’ve invested in your home and therefore the bank won’t lend on it.

That is probably the most turning factor and whyVinyl Window - Billerica, MA you should choose one of these two. Now if you’re in a situation where your neighborhood has a mix of vinyl and wood windows then you need to look back at why you want windows and define your goals. Are your windows bad, is it just a shelter issue? Or are you wanting to upgrade and make your home be more appealing, look better. So if you can define yourself into those roles you’re kind of pushing yourself one way or the other. This is a much more reputable product, people like this, you’ve got endless color options on the interior. It’s a nice wood stain finish if you want it, and this product is going to provide you a great window.

But you know you’re not going to get and the feel of a classic wood. While they both have great attributes and provide a great service you know defined yourself. There are many different reasons why you would choose one or the other but defining it based on knowing the value of you’re putting into your home and your goals and desires. It’s going to really help eliminate a lot questions later on. so if you can get through both of those, you’re one step closer to making your purchase for replacement windows.

Changing Window Size and Style with Exterior Remodeling

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window size

Updating the exterior style of your home may include projects like roof replacement, new siding, or a new color of paint, as well as a change to the sizes of the windows around the home.

Window replacement can improve the energy efficiency of your home, as well as its appearance, and you have a few options for updating your home with new windows. Each option comes with a different price, project scope, and result.

Determining Whether You Can Change Your Window Size

The skeleton of your home features load bearing walls and support beams that ensure your house is structurally sound, and changing the size of your windows will require a professional’s inspection of your home.

If you want to reduce the size of some of the windows in your home, you’ll sometimes find that the most effective way to change the size is to leave the top of the window at its current height and change the window height from the bottom.

To widen the windows on your home, your contractor will need to examine the walls of your residence and look at the load-bearing structures around the house. Sometimes, the original builder will place windows between structurally important areas, which means expanding the windows in a horizontal direction may impact the structure.

It’s essential that you don’t start a project that includes a change to your window size without the assistance of a professional contractor who specializes in windows. Updating the window treatments or replacing the weather stripping is one thing. Changing the size of your home’s windows is quite another.

Kiplinger suggests:

“Installation, including anchoring, insulating and sealing the window to the house to make it airtight and watertight, is as important as the quality of the window itself. A poorly installed window may be hard to open and close, and its durability, energy efficiency, and appearance will be compromised.”

Where to Place New Windows

In addition to modifying the size of your current windows, your exterior remodeling project may include installation of a completely new window. Adding a window to a room is an excellent way to increase the natural light in the space and update the exterior of the residence.

The placement according to the interior of the room where the new window will be located is important, but the placement of the window from the outside is generally where you’ll want to start.

The easiest way to figure out where to place a new window is to examine existing windows and match the height of those windows to the new window. The windows don’t necessarily need to have the same length, but it’s best if they begin at the same height, even if one is longer than the other.

An Alternative: Changing Your Window Style

Your main purpose in changing the size of your windows may be to create a new design or appearance for your home. Perhaps your home looks dated, and you feel that updating the windows will help modernize the house. Maybe you’re thinking about a home addition and would like the old windows to match the new windows in the new space.

You may not need to deal with a dramatic change to the windows of your home. Updating the window type or style may be possible without really changing the size of the windows. For example, you may have casement-style windows, which are attached at the side of the window frame. Perhaps windows that attach to the top of the window frame would offer a nice style update.

This Old House reveals:

“Choosing a window style that goes with the rest of your house is another crucial concern. The wrong choice can ruin the look of your house and lower resale value.”

Some of the window styles available to you include:

  • Casement windows that open via a crank
  • Double-hung windows that open from the top or the bottom.
  • Double-pane windows that feature two pieces of glass fit together
  • Tilt windows that make cleaning easy
  • Consulting with a design professional may help you discover a new type of window style for your home, but you can also begin your search by examining architectural and home décor magazines. It’s helpful to have an idea of your preferred style before you begin planning with your contractor.

    Get Professionally Installed New Windows

    Is your home due for an exterior upgrade? Want to learn more about new window options and window sizes for your home? Contact O’Sullivan Installs for a FREE Consultation and download our free guide: Seven Questions to Ask When Hiring an Exterior Remodeling Contractor in Massachusetts for valuable guidance on your home improvement project.

    Enhancing the Curb Appeal of Your Home

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    curb appealA well-cared-for home is an asset to any neighborhood, and part of the responsibility of home ownership is making sure your home looks good on the inside, as well as the outside. Improving your curb appeal not only creates a pleasant home in which to live, but it also ensures your home stays in good condition and retains its value.

    The concept of “curb appeal” and how your home appears from the vantage point of the street means paying attention to a variety of features like landscaping and the condition of your home’s exterior. Your exterior projects may run the gamut from small upgrades and little landscaping projects to major renovations like a new roof, new windows, or new siding.

    If you’ve decided to put your house on the market, you’ll definitely want to consider these various home improvement projects.

    Major Home Improvement Projects for Maximum Curb Appeal

    The exterior features of your home benefit from regular maintenance and upkeep, and it’s essential to seek out yearly inspections, as well as cleaning and renovation of features like your home’s windows, roof, and siding. Taking on a project like replacing your windows or roof is not only valuable for the physical improvement to your home, but it’s also a benefit to the curb appeal of your home and property.

    A home that looks beautiful is an asset to any neighborhood, but a home that functions well, too, provides a safe and pleasant experience to the homeowner and his or her family.

    Don’t Forget to Wash the Windows!

    This Old House shares:

    “One of the simplest but most satisfying fixups you can do is to make your windows sparkle and shine, letting in clear summer light.”

    Your windows may also benefit from a deep cleaning in other seasons, too. Clean windows in the winter make your house shine during the dingy months of the year, and they also ensure adequate light enters your home when it’s the middle of winter, and there aren’t many hours of daylight.

    Other major home improvement projects you may undertake to increase curb appeal may include updating the roof, replacing the siding, and transforming the landscaping (which means going beyond some simple potted plants and tree trimming).

    According to House Logic:

    “Perhaps no other building material plays such as key role in your home as siding. It protects your house against the harshest elements and is a factor in your home’s appearance, architectural character, and value.”

    Increase Your Curb Appeal in a Weekend

    You may plan major upgrades like brand new windows and doors, and you may also look at big projects like exterior paint and full landscaping. You may want to think about some small upgrades that you can accomplish on the weekend for just a few dollars.

    Here are a few inexpensive, simple and quick upgrades that will add to your home’s overall curb appeal, as well as give you a small sense of accomplishment.

    Upgrade Your Mailbox. Your mailbox does its job in rain or shine, and it may last as long as your home stands. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to neglect the mailbox when upgrading the exterior of the home, and an old mailbox may not match the new décor of the home’s paint, windows, and fixtures.

    DIY Network shares some great advice on getting a new mailbox:

    “When you install your mailbox, make sure that you are following the regulations that are set forth in the city that you live in. If you have a simple mailbox mounted on your house, this home improvement project should take less than an hour to complete. If you have a full-size mailbox at the road, plan for at least 2 hours or so to complete the home improvement project.”

    Install New Fixtures & Hardware. If you’ve decided to get a new door, you’ll definitely want to think about replacing the hardware around the exterior of your home, as well as things like the light fixtures. Hardware you may need to buy may include a mail slot, a door knocker, door knobs, and a high-quality lock.

    Other features that are a little larger but which add to the overall appeal of your home include light fixtures (wall sconces or hanging lights) and stylish hand railings to line the exterior steps. Don’t forget to get matching fixtures and hardware for the side and back doors around your home.

    Get a Container Garden & Window Boxes. Complement the new windows on your home with some nice window boxes. Even when it’s wintertime and there aren’t any flowers in the window boxes, these nice accessories will make your house look “homey” and welcoming.

    You may also want to get a few seasonal plants for the porch or for placement near the front door. Bright plants like marigolds and petunias are great for the summer, and holiday plants like chrysanthemums and Poinsettias add festive touches during the fall and winter.

    Do You Want to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home?

    Is your home due for an exterior upgrade? Want to learn more about new windows, or other home renovations that will enhance your home’s curb appeal? Contact O’Sullivan Installs for a FREE Consultation and download our free guide: Seven Questions to Ask When Hiring an Exterior Remodeling Contractor in Massachusetts for valuable guidance on your home improvement project.

    Save Money With These Energy Efficient Home Upgrades

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    energy efficient homeOver time, the appliances and features within your home become inefficient, and they start requiring frequent maintenance and repair. When you embark on a home remodeling plan, it’s important to choose materials and to make decisions that will help you create an energy efficient home. You’ll save money on your utilities after making eco-friendly upgrades, and you’ll also do your part to reduce your home’s carbon footprint and the energy you use each year.

    Here are a few projects you’ll want to consider as you upgrade your home, as well as some easy steps you can take to reduce your energy usage each day.

    The First Step: Get an Energy Efficiency Audit

    Having a professional conduct an energy audit of your home is a terrific way to determine whether your home uses too much energy. It’s also an ideal project to guide your renovations and help you plan your budget. Are your windows in need of replacement or repair? An energy audit will help you make the decision.

    According to an article on Forbes:

    “Heating alone costs an average of $500 per year, with attic and basement air leaks accounting for up to $70 of this expense. But sealing the house can cost as little as $100, paying back the investment in less than two years. Extra attic insulation can cost $2 per square foot, and pays back within five years in energy savings.”

    An energy audit can help you make the best decisions when remodeling your home. If you’re already on board with replacing your windows or getting a new door, it’s important to combine those projects alongside small, energy-efficient upgrades and improvements as part of the overall plan.

    Consider: It’s less expensive to hire a contractor once for a big job rather than twice or three times for three smaller jobs.

    Some of the Best Energy-Efficient Remodeling Options

    The projects you choose for your energy efficient renovations will usually fall into one of three categories:

    1. Brand new features and items like windows or a new HVAC system.
    2. Upgrades of current features like window repair or sealing attic ducts.
    3. Devices that reduce energy waste like programmable thermostats.

    After your energy audit is complete, you might find out that features you thought were fine are actually costing you hundreds of dollars a year in wasted energy. Old windows are often one of the first features a homeowner will consider when making a home more energy efficient.

    According to an article on U.S. News & World Report:

    “Replacing old, leaky windows with higher-efficiency models can also make your home greener.”

    If you’re on a particularly tight budget, there are some options for repairing old windows, but your contractor can also help you find brand new windows that are affordable, as well as incredibly energy efficient. New windows have features like special glazes that make them a wise investment.

    Understanding window performance and energy performance ratings are great ways to choose new windows for your home. The Department of Energy reveals:

    “You can use the energy performance ratings of windows, doors, and skylights to tell you their potential for gaining and losing heat, as well as transmitting sunlight into your home.”

    Your contractor is an ideal source for information on window performance, so make sure you utilize his or her knowledge before upgrading your windows.

    Simple Energy-Efficient Upgrades

    If you’re in the planning stages of a major renovation like window replacement, there are several cost-effective upgrades and changes that are a great investment. Farmers Insurance offers three suggestions for making your home green-friendly and sustainable:

    • Install a smart thermostat to control the temperature in your home.
    • Use blackout shades or curtains to save energy and protect furniture from sunlight.
    • Consider installing skylights to reduce the need for artificial lighting.

    Other energy-efficient upgrades and easy fixes you may want to handle during your remodeling project include repairing faucets that drip, installing motion sensors on lights, and checking your dryer vent to make sure it’s not blocked and causing energy waste.

    Are You Ready for New Energy-Efficient Windows?

    According to the professionals at O’Sullivan Installs:

    “Replacing windows can improve a home’s energy efficiency. The majority of all heat lost in homes happens through older windows. Newer windows are designed with energy-efficiency in mind. Improving a home’s energy efficiency means feeling less of a chill during the winter and less heat inside the home during the summer.”

    Is your home due for an exterior upgrade? Want to learn more about new windows, or other energy-efficient home renovations? Contact O’Sullivan Installs for a FREE Consultation and download our free guide: Seven Questions to Ask When Hiring an Exterior Remodeling Contractor in Massachusetts for valuable guidance on your home improvement project.

    Go Green & Save Energy with New Windows

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    save energyAs the features in our homes age, they become inefficient, and manufacturers create better versions of the appliances and devices we use each day. Windows are one of the most important features of your home, but they could be costing you extra money in energy if they’re old and haven’t been replaced or upgraded in a few decades.

    Upgrade Cost Versus Energy Savings

    The size of your home and the current state of your windows will influence how much you save in the coming years on your energy bills. The government’s ENERGY STAR program provides some basic numbers that you might see when upgrading from different types of windows.

    The U.S. Department of Energy suggests that residents in New England can save an average of $91 a year by upgrading double-paned, clear glass to ENERGY STAR rated windows. Homeowners upgrading from single-paned windows to double-paned may save $465 a year.

    When looking at nationwide figures, the potential savings on switching from single-paned to double-paned windows for homeowners in Massachusetts and around New England is the largest average savings in the country.

    Consider: It’s not just outright energy savings.

    Saving money on heating oil and electricity is important for virtually all families, particularly when heating oil costs are so volatile each year. However, new windows may help you save money on energy in unexpected ways.

    The Department of Energy reveals:

    “New, energy-efficient windows eventually pay for themselves through lower heating and cooling costs, and sometimes even lighting costs.”

    Speaking with your contractor can help you determine the potential cost of your new windows, and a look at your average energy costs can help you figure out how long it will take for your new windows to pay for themselves.

    Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your Windows

    If you’re not yet ready to replace all the windows in your home, there are some targeted improvements you can consider to boost their efficiency. The Department of Energy offers some simple window upgrades, maintenance, and replacement projects that may improve your home’s energy efficiency.

    According to the federal government, some of the other features you can consider when improving the energy efficiency of your windows include:

    • Storm windows
    • New caulking
    • New weather-stripping
    • Interior window treatments

    Tip: These improvements may also be targeted at the doors of your home. Do your doors let in cold drafts in the winter or let cool air escape your air conditioned home in the summer? Improvement or replacement of your doors could increase your energy savings even more alongside work on the windows.

    Return-on-Investment for New Windows

    If you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, one of the ways you can improve your chances of selling quickly is by making targeted upgrades and performing select renovations on features that people like to see when they’re looking to buy a home.

    Some of the most popular areas of your home that may lead to a higher sales price or a quicker sale include upgrading the kitchen and bathroom, as well as installing a new deck or new siding. Also, window replacement is also a project that offers solid return-on-investment.

    According to an article on Angie’s List:

    “The energy efficiency of new windows is a clear benefit to switching out older windows, but in some cases, it’s a safety feature, too. Costs depend on the number of windows you’re replacing, of course, and the type. Expect a return on your investment of at least 70 percent.”

    Consider This Extra Project

    Summer is a terrific time for home improvements, and now’s the time to upgrade, replace, and renovate features in your home so that your electricity bills this winter won’t take such a large bite out of your budget.

    According to The Huffington Post, replacement windows are one of the best ways to save energy in your home, but you can also think about simple window installation kits in the meantime.

    “Taping up your windows isn’t kind of home accoutrement that will win you any awards from Architectural Digest, but some people swear by plastic window wrap as a way to keep energy costs down by keeping the cold out.”

    Window coverings work best when the frames and other features of the windows are in good condition (like the weather-stripping and caulking).

    Want Help With Your New Windows?

    Are you looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of your Middlesex County home? Contact O’Sullivan Installs for a FREE Consultation and download our free guide: “Seven Questions to Ask When Hiring an Exterior Remodeling Contractor in Massachusetts” for valuable guidance on your home improvement project.

    Windows Replacement is a Bright Idea

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    Window Replacement

    Custom windows for your home is an idea you may have been toying with for a while. Your old windows are just not giving the exterior of your home the boost they should, and you would really like to go with some of the more contemporary styles. If the expense of home windows replacement in Boston is holding you back, you should know that this is a home improvement that will bring you a great rate of return.

    With the high cost of replacing all of the windows in your home, you may wonder how much of a return you will be able to see. Consumers have reported up to a 40% savings on their yearly energy bills after doing home windows replacement in Boston. The new energy efficient replacement windows are much better than older windows and will make a noticeable difference. In addition, the government is offering a tax rebate on energy efficient home improvements that qualify. Modern replacement windows fall in to this category and have energy ratings right on them that will help you determine which ones are eligible.

    Energy efficiency does not mean that you will sacrifice the beauty of custom windows. In fact, you will find a large selection of new types, styles and colors of windows at your local home improvement center’s showroom. An in-home design consultant can help you find the replacement windows that are right for you. They will be able to answer all of your questions about the available windows, including information on manufacturers’ warranties. Your design consultant will also help you see the issues with your current windows, such as draftiness or damage, and can measure them accurately so you will know exactly what you will need for home windows replacement in Boston.

    In addition to the great selection, you will want to compare prices between vendors of home windows replacement in Massachusetts. As you get estimates, be sure that they include everything that is charged for on their bids. You don’t want to choose a low bid and then be surprised when additional charges are included on the final bill after the work is completed. The actual cost of the windows, the labor charges for installing them, and the charges for removal of the old windows should all be part of the estimate. With equal items listed on each bid, you will be able to make a good choice between the costs.

    The experience of the company doing home windows replacement in the Massachusetts area is paramount. You don’t want to have an installer putting a certain type of window in for the first time in your house. Experience means that you can trust the company to do a good job for you. You want to be assured that they have done hundreds of installations and know exactly what they are doing. Choosing a company that offers a satisfaction guarantee will give you peace of mind. To recap, look for a company that has a great selection so that you are happy with your options. Be sure to compare costs, and choose a company that has the necessary experience with home windows replacement in Massachusetts. Your windows replacement will be a great way to make your home energy efficient.

    Want Help With Your Window Project?

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